By Adam Wichmann

The brothers are “celebrating” hitting the 10K subscribers milestone on their YouTube channel. It was supposed to be a enjoyable day, but leading up to their 9K Subscribers Special video 3 weeks earlier, FORREST randomly blurted out that they were getting belly button piercings when hitting 10,000 subscribers. The day has finally come and FORREST and BOB are not click-baiters and therefore find themselves in front of a piercing shop waiting for the last few subscribers to join their YouTube family. On the piercing table they both wait in nervous excitement and at the very moment the subscriber count hits 10K, FORREST gets a thick needle pierced through his stomach skin. The pure pain witnessed by BOB makes him back out of the deal immediately; leaving only one belly button embezzled with diamonds. To make up for bailing, BOB promises to get a professional spray tan at the forthcoming 11K Subscribers Special, in return. If you wanna see BOB look like Marc Anthony in a bodybuilding competition thong, then subscribe now!


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