By Adam Wichmann

The brothers are reaching 11K subscribers on their YouTube channel and as tradition has it, they are filming a Subscribers Special to celebrate the new milestone. At the 10K celebration a week earlier, BOB bailed on a promise and did not get his belly button pierced, but instead agreed on getting a professional “Blackout" spray tan whilst wearing a man thong at the 11,000 subscribers mark. The day has finally come! One of their subscribers, Morten Dam, commented that he didn’t think that getting a spray tan was punishment enough and suggested doing a “half-tan”, so today BOB is only getting his front sprayed. At "Ibiza Tan” BOB undresses, slide on his newly purchased man thong and let FORREST line up his back using some plastic sheeting and masking tape. Not before long, they hit the 11K subscribers milestone and the spray tan begins. BOB goes from being a pale Danish guy to looking like the latino pop sensation, Marc Anthony. BOB soon finds out that the spray tan will last for a week!


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