VLOG 011

By Adam Wichmann

Beard wax grail quest | Paris, France | Vlog 011
The brothers, Joachim and Adam Wichmann, go on an epic hunt for the ultimate relic; Joachim's go-to beard wax (which is only available in Paris, according to him). After having succesfully tracked down the beard wax on the little island of Île Saint-Louis, Adam spots a pair of add-on sunglasses for his Moscot Lemtosh eyewear. After buying them he starts walking with a Parisien swagger and the two siblings get a french baguette and walk home to the hotel. Unfortunately, Joachim has yet again jumped on a very good offer, but since he doesn't read or speak the french language he has overlooked the small detail that it's a one bedroom suite and the brothers end up in a tiny bed together.


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