VLOG 012

By Adam Wichmann

I think you look dumb | Paris, France | Vlog 012
The brothers, Joachim and Adam Wichmann, continue their journey through the streets of Paris, spreading joy and educational facts along their way. Adam even kept up his promise from Barcelona and grew out a full viking beard. Should he keep it or let it go? You be the judge. The siblings discuss their Tesla road trip from Copenhagen to Paris, reminiscent on their countless visits to McDonald's and blame Elon Musk for their weight gain. On the Champs-Élysées boulevard Joachim and Adam meet their first YouTube fan and have their pictures taken, although they are both sure that it's a mix up and that Adam has been mistaken for Rupert Grint from Harry Potter. On their drive back to Copenhagen the guys find themselves on a empty parking lot and decide to make their own fun using a shopping cart.


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