VLOG 021

By Adam Wichmann

Manhandled | Budapest, Hungary | Vlog 021
The brothers, Joachim and Adam Wichmann, are in Budapest exploring the rich culture. At a nightclub that doubles as a restaurant during the day, the guys get delicious, but very expensive burgers worth 10 (Hungarian) Gs and load up on energy by drinking lots of Red Bull. The siblings decide to take a tour bus around town and Adam challenges Joachim to chug down a bottle of mayonnaise in order to win the opportunity to decide which of the routes they shall go on. Joachim accidentally sniffs the mayonnaise up his nose due to his pollen allergy and subsequently lose the challenge. On the bus the idiots go visit the famous Fisherman's Bastion and Joachim gets to hold a real falcon on his arm which he mistakenly thinks is an eagle. Adam is embarrassed to see his brother getting manhandled by the overly masculine Hungarian Falcon tamer.


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