VLOG 022

By Adam Wichmann

Chug it. Smash it. Walk. | Budapest, Hungary | Vlog 022
The brothers, Joachim and Adam Wichmann, are super tired and riddled with allergies. They decide to start their day in Budapest by chugging down 8 Red Bulls which they’ve found will provide them with just the right amount of caffeine for vlogging. After enjoying the beverage at a park bench the guys are high on energy and storm through the city towards the popular food market called Great Market Hall. They soon realize that they are the only people in Budapest that don't know it’s a national holiday and that the food market is closed (or “zárva” as they say in Hungary). In food desperation, Joachim discovers a street stand that sells the Hungarian cake speciality called Kürtőskalács and the siblings fall madly in love with this cinnamon infused dessert.


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