VLOG 024

By Adam Wichmann

The Rick Ross lifestyle | Budapest, Hungary | Vlog 024
The brothers, Joachim and Adam Wichmann, are still roaming around the streets of Budapest. Throwing Hungarian money around like they are Rick Ross and Birdman. Not only do they have a delicious breakfast at Hooters in today’s vlog, they also visit one of the most popular thermal baths...or at least they walk past, due to the fact that Adam for years have refused to swim around in other people’s urine. Near the parlament building Joachim challenges Adam to break-dance and without thinking too much about it, Adam starts to throw down some pretty impressive moves. Joachim wants Adam to challenge him back, but being the douchebag he is, Adam refuses. Joachim takes matters in to his own hands and challenges himself and the result is mortifying.


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