VLOG 026

By Adam Wichmann

Let's go! | Budapest, Hungary | Vlog 026
The two brothers, Joachim and Adam Wichmann, are leaving Budapest today. It’s their last day there and they are trying to squeeze one last Kürtőskalács down. After enjoying the dessert the boys head to a beautiful square in the middle of the city in order to take a YouTube channel picture that captures the essence of how funny and cool they think they are and where they are geographically located. After a succesful photo session, the guys head to the airport and as per usual Joachim is padded down and checked for possession of cocaine at the security checkpoint. Apparently he has that look to him, although he’s never done drugs. Joachim’s "James Bond 007" deodorant is taken from him at this “random search” and he’s not happy about it (he btw. bought the 007 deodorant sarcastically). Just before boarding the plane, Joachim and Adam try their hardest to get a sponsorship from the airline, Norwegian.


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