VLOG 070

By Adam Wichmann

The brothers, FORREST and BOB, are driving to YouTube Space LA in order to ask some questions about their channel, hang out and ultimately upload their first video filmed in Los Angeles, California. The YouTube Space provides free classes and production facilities for anyone with a YouTube channel with 10,000+ subscribers. The guys are a little short on subscribers with their current 8,900 and at the door they are denied access, given a informative flyer that basically tells them that they are banned from YouTube Space LA until they reach the 10K milestone and told that they can sit outside the building as much as they want and see if they can connect to wifi from there. When they realize that it’s impossible to find a good connection they head back to Beverly Hills and try to steal high speed internet at the local Apple Store, but soon find out that the fastest router in town is actually at their home. A whole day wasted!


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