VLOG 071

By Adam Wichmann

The brothers, FORREST and BOB, are doing the IHOP All You Can Eat Pancake Challenge for 24 hours straight. They are trying to set a new record of most consumed pancakes ever, but after only 24 minutes they hit a massive wall. Even though the 5-6 pancakes that they manage to chow down are not enough to claim any food competition title, the day ends pretty epically anyway when a man called Louis approaches the guys during their LIVE session at their table. The singer-songwriter, Louis, offers to sing a song and the boys are fast to invite him over. An audible feast made of raw talent unfolds as Louis breaks out one hit after another. The show doesn’t go unnoticed when a Mexican lady called Dorita and her caretaker invite the 3 stooges over for sing-along pow wow. At Dorita’s table the newly formed band starts to sing latin american songs with complete disregard to everybody else at the restaurant. A bond between three nations are made over pancakes, Nashville Rock ’n’ Roll and Ricky Martin.


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