VLOG 072

By Adam Wichmann

The brothers, FORREST and BOB, drive to Disneyland California Adventure Park with their friends, Shea and Krissy. The night before the guys went out clubbing and watched hip hop artist, Desiigner, perform. Needless to say, they are naturally a little tired, slightly hungover and dread having to jump on bumpy roller coasters with the girls. On the road trip to Disney the four discuss large pickles, Disney character outfits, Shea’s driving record and make elaborate plans on how to become country superstars. Despite multiple near-death experiences in the car, they manage to arrive in one piece at the Disney gates and start hitting every single ride insight. At The Mad Hatter shop the foursome pick out Disney hats to get in the spirit of things and head over to the "Pirates of the Caribbean” ride where Shea and Krissy let the boys in on Disneyland’s dirty secret, namely that some girls take guys that they fancy to the amusement park and perform oral favors in the back of the rides.


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