VLOG 073

By Adam Wichmann

The brothers, FORREST and BOB, visit their storage unit space in Los Angeles, California. After having a overly energized car ride over to the lot, the guys open the lock to a world of old memories. It’s been 2 years since they stowed away their stuff and now they are finally back to find their storage unit treasures. In storage they stumble upon their old Deathwish skateboards which quickly results in a hand injury when one of them attempt to pop an Ollie and bruises his hand on a door lock. An old guitar is found, but with zero musical talent is hard to recognize “Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica and last, but not least, they discover an old bicycle TV prop. With 6 years worth of memories cramped into a little space it proves hard to find the tennis racquets and running shoes that they originally came to find, but they manage to climb the pile of old shit and ultimately find exactly what they were looking for.


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