VLOG 077

By Adam Wichmann

The brothers haven’t uploaded any videos for a week because they’ve been fighting over YouTube. Working closely together, trying to become popular on YouTube is no easy feat and the guys have to turn to the spiritual world in order to pick up the pieces and continue on their online journey. They visit the metaphysical shop called House of Intuition on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, California and each pick out a healing gemstone that they hope will relieve them from stress and anger and transform them into empowered YouTubers. With their stones handy and chakras intact, they leave the store happier than ever, get Slurpee's at a nearby 7-Eleven to cool down and head to the famous Mel’s Diner on Sunset Plaza to relax. Two small pieces of quartz crystals saved this YouTube channel and another video will subsequently be uploaded tomorrow!


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