VLOG 078

By Adam Wichmann

The brothers walk around in Los Angeles, California and somewhat inadvertently make a food lovers' guide to Beverly Hills when they choose to get lunch at the lovely restaurant, Panini Café. At their table they discuss their long hair and whether they should cut it shorter, soon. Tensions are still running high between the brothers after their YouTube hiatus and during lunch they both find inner peace by kissing their anger-relieving gemstones from yesterday’s vlog. Before leaving the restaurant the guys reveal their surprise plans to showcase a local tourist attraction; the Sprinkles Cupcakes ATM. After finishing their delicious chicken pesto sandwiches they head over to get cupcakes, but are shocked to learn that the ATM machine is out of order. The situation is tense since both brothers are getting hangry from craving dessert, but luckily a candy store salesperson saves the day by randomly offering them sugar cookie samples. Hallelujah!


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