VLOG 079

By Adam Wichmann

The brothers are approaching the 11K Subscribers Milestone fast and are therefore prepping the upcoming Subscribers Special video. At the 10K celebration a week ago, BOB bailed on his promise and did not get his belly button pierced; leaving FORREST all alone with a hole in his stomach. In return BOB reluctantly agree to make up for it by signing up for a professional “Blackout" spray tan whist wearing a bodybuilding-type man thong at 11,000. One of their subscribers, Morten Dam, suggests only spray tanning the front, leaving the back untouched, and the idiots soon agree to this mental proposal. The guys now find themselves roaming Santa Monica Blvd in search of a suitable g-string that will leave little or no tan-lines, but they have a hard time finding one that won’t be too sexy and have “spillage”. After finding the best undie-match, they head to a hardware store and buy masking tape and plastic sheeting for BOB’s back. The tanning salon has been booked so If you want to embarrass BOB for life, subscribe now!


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