VLOG 082

By Adam Wichmann

In today’s vlog the brothers wake up to some bad news; their beloved Kulana Lua tandem bike got stolen by a simple bicycle thief. At 4am in the morning the police knock on their door and present them with the terrible news. In the hours of darkness a bike thief has cut their lock off with a Ryobi angle grinder and along with that, left a bunch of stuff behind on the crime scene; an extension cord, a high-quality t’shirt and the tandem’s backseat. The guys are confused and think that the involuntary trade is in there favor value-wise, almost. Nonetheless, the guys set off on a mission to get their new bicycle back and drive to the nearest FedEx store to print out some copies of a poster which states that they’ve been robbed and are in need of the public's help in order to find their brand new bike. They walk around Los Angeles, California and plaster information about the bike theft everywhere. The vlog ends with the brothers reminiscing their late tandem bicycle called Karen.


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