VLOG 083

By Adam Wichmann

In today's vlog the brothers, FORREST and BOB, are turning a seemingly negative situation into a positive one by starting a new feature on their channel called "Will it Grind?". In yesterday's vlog the guys got their tandem bike stolen and was only left with the thief's angle grinder and light blue t-shirt on the crime scene. Today BOB is wearing that exact t-shirt as they head to the Melrose Avenue's flea market madness in Los Angeles, California to haul objects that they can grind using the thief's power tool. At the flea market the guys purchase a painting, a white parrot statue, a study chair and a cheap "Jesus" bust. As soon as they get home they fire up the angle grinder and start cutting through the stuff. After cutting the painting in half the angle grinder stops working and in order to not let their YouTube family down, the idiots head to the nearest hardware store to buy a brand new angle grinder to finish the job. Once back the guys pick up their most controversial flea market piece; the "Jesus" bust.


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