By Adam Wichmann

The McLaren P1 GTR is the hardcore track-only version of the McLaren P1 hypercar. You really shouldn't be able to see one of these very rare P1 GTRs on the road, but thanks to Platinum Collision Center in Los Angeles, California we managed to walk around one today on their lot. McLaren produced just 45 examples of the track-only P1 GTR and only a handful of these winded up being made street legal. This specific McLaren P1 GTR in full-body visual carbon is 1 of those 5 road legal versions in the entire World and priced at approximately $5 million! We are huge car enthusiasts on this channel and have watched all road and track tests on the McLaren P1 done by Top Gear, The Grand Tour and Chris Harris On Cars. We absolutely love the McLaren P1 GTR interior. Which one these amazing supercars would you choose? The black McLaren P1 GTR or the silver Ferrari Enzo?


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